Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

Institut für Biowissenschaften

Fachgebiet: Zellbiologie

Betreuer: PD Dr. J. Barbara Nebe

Dipl.-Biol. Friederike G. E. Kunz
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Inhibition of adhesion of primary human lens epithelial cells by the T-type calcium channel antagonist mibefradil

In this study, the influence of mibefradil on calcium dependent cellular processes like adhesion, proliferation and survival of primary human lens epithelial cells (LEC) in vitro were investigated. Background of this study is the prevention of secondary cataract caused by proliferation of LEC. Electrophysiological patch-clamp experiments in LEC could characterize voltage-gated potassium currents and T-type calcium currents which could be inhibited by mibefradil. The inhibitory action of Mibefradil on components of cell adhesion, actin cytoskeleton, proliferation and survival was time-dependent and concentration-dependent. As well in LEC as in the cell line HLE-B3 mibefradil induced apoptosis. Conversely, neither the alternative T-type calcium channel antagonist Ethosuximide nor the L-type antagonist nifedipine showed morphology-altering, apoptosis-inducing or actin-cytoskeleton-disrupting activity.