Dear doctoral students, we welcome you to study at our faculty!

Admission requirements

  • the requirements according to § 3 of the doctoral regulations MNF (German, English) must be fulfilled
  • Students with non-subject-specific or foreign degrees need to make an application for admission for their doctoral studies  (Form Page 1, Page 2)
  • particularly qualified graduates of universities of applied sciences can be admitted to doctoral studies upon application by the faculty council (§ 3 par. 3 Doctoral regulations of the MNF). 

Doctoral students not supervised at the MNF

The doctoral regulations (§ 8 (1)) require at least one reviewer who is employed full-time at an institute of the faculty or an affiliated institute or who has been employed within the last three years. The doctoral candidate is responsible for contacting the potential reviewer. Contact must be made in good time before submission of the dissertation (at the beginning of the work for the dissertation).


Guidelines to doctoral studies at the MNF in German and English


Submission of the Dissertation


  • Application for the opening of the Doctoral procedure (If you receive an error message when opening the application (Please wait...) please use the button at the top right "View with another program". Then select "Open with Adobe Acrobat (default)".                                                                                                                                         
  • Registration of doctoral candidates (only required for doctoral candidates who are not enrolled) - (German, English
  • Form for the summary of dissertations (New form in progress)                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Summaries of the dissertations from recent years
  • The maximum length of the dissertation is 100 pages (without bibliography, explanations and appendices). If the number of pages is exceeded, the Faculty Council may grant an exception upon justified request.
  • Cumulative Dissertation (§ 6 par. 5 Doctoral regulations)
    The personal contribution must be listed visibly and explicitly. As of 1.10.2012 the below listed internal procedural guidelines for the preparation of a cumulative dissertation at the MNF must be observed.
  • Inclusion of a regulation on book articles for cumulative dissertations
    in the guidelines for doctoral procedures at the MNF
    The following regulation is included:
    Generally, book articles cannot be assessed as independent scientific work. However, if it can be proven that the book article is an anonymous paper with the standard of scientific journals and the article does not have the character of a review but presents new scientific results, the Faculty Council may recognize an exception.

Decision by the MNF to grant an exemption for the supervision of habilitated staff in doctoral procedures at the MNF

Deadlines for the opening of doctoral and habilitation procedures

The complete documents must be submitted to Department 1.2 (Doctoral Office). Please note the submission deadlines so that the documents can be checked and prepared in time for the meeting.


  • On 01.10.2012 the internal procedural guideline for the preparation of a cumulative dissertation at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Rostock comes into force (German, English)
  • Internal procedural regulations for the appointment of doctoral committees(pdf-file)

Fields of doctoral Studies

Institute for Biosciences
Biology Didactics
Marine Biology
Molecular Biology
Plant Physiology
Animal Physiology
Cell Biology
Institute of Physics
Applied Physics
Atmospheric Physics
Experimental Physics
Physics Didactics
Physical Oceanography
Theoretical Physics
Institute of Chemistry
Chemistry Didactics
Institute of Mathematics
Mathematics Didactics

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