Examination & study regulations

In principle, there are four different documents for each degree programme that define the degree programme with its associated examinations, practical courses, lectures and seminars. These include the study regulations, the examination regulations, the standard curriculum and the module handbook. However, some degree courses have been newly modularised in recent years. There are two important documents for the new modularised degree programmes - the examination regulations and the module handbook!

Study regulations set out the framework conditions and rules for a proper degree programme. As you can imagine, there are specific study regulations for each subject. For example, a physics bachelor's student has to follow a different framework than a chemistry bachelor's student.

The examination regulations define the specific framework conditions for an examination. It is legally binding for all students! It specifies what you have to achieve during your studies and how the examination procedures are organised.

The study and examination regulations and timetables can be viewed on the websites of the institutes. The following links lead directly to the regulations.